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Cover of the Structure of Corruption in Iran
Aug 28 2020 | Iran 2040 Project | Posted In: Research
"Iran is currently in the midst of its deepest economic and legitimacy crisis since the inception of the Islamic Republic about four decades ago. At the root of these twin crises is a long period of political decay [1] which has slowly but consistently eroded all three institutions that constitute...
Stepan Sharkov
Aug 5 2020 | Posted In: Research
This summer, computer science major Stepan Sharkov ’23 completed a virtual internship at CentraleSupélec, a French research institute in engineering and science. The internship was supported by the Global Studies Internship Program and the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.
Jeremy Weinstein
Jul 8 2020 | Amy Adams, Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, Research
Unlike medicine and engineering, which have strong research and development pipelines leading from scientific advances to practical innovations, the social sciences lack a similar infrastructure, slowing the rate at which data and insights generated by social science research shape the design of...
Jun 10 2020 | Rob Jordan, Stanford News | Posted In: Research
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, another source of deadly and increasingly frequent disease outbreaks goes largely unnoticed by much of the world. Stanford researchers working in rural Kenya have identified the most productive breeding habitats for certain mosquitoes – spreaders of...
Iran 2040 project
Apr 13 2020 | Stanford Iran 2040 Project | Posted In: Research
"Migration and Brain Drain from Iran" is the newest paper published by the Stanford Iran 2040 Project. Authored by Pooya Azadi, Matin Mirramezani, and Mohsen B. Mesgaran.