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Research News

Rob Reich, Mehran Sahami and Jeremy Weinstein
Sep 8 2021 | Melissa De Witte, Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, Research
Three Stanford professors want people to press control-alt-delete on how we think about our relationship to Big Tech. In a new book, they seek to empower all of us to create a technological future that supports human flourishing and democratic values. Technology is such a ubiquitous part of modern...
Trauma-informed investigations field guide
May 24 2021 | Center for Human Rights & International Justice | Posted In: Research
Stanford University's Human Rights in Trauma Mental Health Program, a partner of the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, has contributed to a new UNITAD field guide, called the "Trauma-Informed Investigations Field Guide."
Halil Yenigun
Mar 16 2021 | Melissa De Witte, Stanford News | Posted In: Research
Through the Institute of International Education, Stanford has hosted displaced scholars who have had to escape conflict or flee persecution because of their research, race or creed for nearly a century. Stanford Global Studies has been the academic home to many of these displaced scholars over the...
Cover of the Structure of Corruption in Iran
Aug 28 2020 | Iran 2040 Project | Posted In: Research
"Iran is currently in the midst of its deepest economic and legitimacy crisis since the inception of the Islamic Republic about four decades ago. At the root of these twin crises is a long period of political decay [1] which has slowly but consistently eroded all three institutions that constitute...
Stepan Sharkov
Aug 5 2020 | Posted In: Research
This summer, computer science major Stepan Sharkov ’23 completed a virtual internship at CentraleSupélec, a French research institute in engineering and science. The internship was supported by the Global Studies Internship Program and the France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies.