Global Educators Network

The Global Educators Network (GEN), in partnership with Stanford Global Studies (SGS), seeks to inform, inspire, engage, and empower community college educators—and their students—to more deeply engage with global themes and learning resources, as well as international dialog, research, and pedagogical strategies.  

Through conferences, workshops, colloquia, social events, publications, and staff development, we seek to provide educational resources and classroom strategies that can catalyze truly transformational teaching. 

Working across disciplines and beyond classroom walls, we help to connect diverse campuses and learning communities nationwide, engaging faculty and students of all backgrounds, ages, and interests in a shared community of international inquiry. 

Aware that the vast majority of America’s low-income students, and students of many diverse backgrounds, are enrolled by the millions in America’s community colleges, we seek to better leverage and acknowledge their perspectives. 

At the institutional level, we can assist California faculty and administrators in designing and implementing ADT Degrees in Global Studies or in designing International/Intercultural Departments, Divisions, and Programs.

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