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Global Educators Network History

Since 2010, Stanford Global Studies (SGS) has partnered with community colleges through innovative projects such as the Stanford Human Rights Education Initiative (SHREI) and the Education Partnership for Internationalizing Curriculum (EPIC) to bring together faculty and administrators committed to developing global and international studies.

The Global Educators Network (GEN) launched in 2020. Led by current and former SHREI and EPIC participants, GEN is open to community college educators worldwide. 

In May 2019, the first GEN planning workshop took place during the annual Stanford EPIC Symposium. More than 30 community college faculty from across the United States participated in a two-hour “Design Thinking” exercise intended to help guide and shape the future of the GEN project.  

Based on those plans and visions, and now under the leadership of our Board of Directors, we are building a robust organizational infrastructure that will allow you to connect with colleagues online and in person throughout the year—through face-to-face and online seminars, newsletters, innovative international curricula, and a variety of research resources.