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More than students. More than scholars. At SGS, we are global citizens.


The Stanford Global Studies Division provides an arena for students and scholars to explore our increasingly complex world from multiple economic, political, social, technological and cultural perspectives. Our goal is to provide students and scholars with unique opportunities to explore the complexities of our globalized world from an interdisciplinary perspective.

We encourage traditional and innovative collaboration among our academic programs and centers and provide administrative and other support. SGS's programs are essential to the vibrancy of international research and study at Stanford University.


Recent News

Mar 5 2015 | CLIFTON B. PARKER
Appeared in Stanford Report, March 5, 2015 Stanford Iran expert Abbas Milani says Iranian leadership is split over making a nuclear deal, while the United States may face stiff opposition from Congress before an end-of-March deadline for an outline of an agreement. "Cautiously optimistic...
Mar 3 2015 | Amy Lee
Each year, Stanford faculty invites approximately 1,500 visiting scholars from around the world who are cutting edge researchers in their countries and outstanding experts in their field. The Office of International Affairs (OIA) has long valued the role that high impact international visiting...