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2019 Global Research Trips

In 2019, graduate students from across Global Studies master's programs conducted fieldwork through the Global Perspectives Grant, which is made possible through the generous support of Mr. Dapeng Zhu, Ms. Xiao Liu, Alice Yu, and the Friends of Stanford University Foundation in Taiwan. Read a few highlights about their experiences abroad below. 

Jake Zawlacki in Kazakhstan

History of Animated Film in Kazakhstan

Jake Zawlacki

Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies

While in Almaty, Kazakhstan I was able to find a plethora of information that would have simply been impossible to acquire if I hadn’t gone in person. My M.A. thesis topic investigates the various elements in an early Kazakh animation film by Amen Khaydarov. I was able to access the National Film Archive, the National Archive, as well as the National Library. From these three places I was able to gather original film of the animators at work in the KazakhFilm studio, original screenplays and treatments of the animation films, and newspaper articles and essays written on the subject of Kazakh animation. The most memorable experience while in Almaty was meeting the Kazakh animation director and artist, Gali Murzashev. Through my Kazakh language professor at Stanford, I was introduced and had the good fortune of not only meeting him in person but also taking a tour of the KazakhFilm studio and eating some delicious beshbarmak. This short trip to Almaty proved invaluable to my thesis project as well as establishing connections that will last a lifetime. Without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have been able to pursue this research topic and wouldn’t have had the good fortune of meeting a great living artist of Kazakhstan.

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Children in Tokyo

Child Development in Japan

Toshiyuki Shichino

East Asian Studies

I stayed in a suburb of Tokyo—a research field—for a whole month to participate in and observe community activities and also to interview children and youth living in the field. This research aims to explore implications for the future direction in which child developmental ecology is further developed in the context of suburban neighborhoods of Japan. Numerous issues revolving around children in Japan underlies the motive of this research. In conjunction with research data collected so far, the research activities provided me with a wide array of clues to grasp quotidian child lives in a suburban neighborhood, child-adult relationships, and identity of childhood, all of which are at the center of the thesis theme.

Wendy Cui visits the Shaanxi History Museum

Theatrical Representations of Traditional Chinese Heroines

Wendy Cui

East Asian Studies

Interested in theatrical representations of traditional Chinese heroines, I conducted research on how Chinese opera construct these heroines with theatrical performance and scripts. These representations of heroines, I believe, not only derived from traditional concepts about gender performance in late imperial China, but also contributed to constructions of race and gender in the modern period. Based on my observation, I concluded that, as Chinese opera played an important role in popular culture, its constructions of heroines were changed by different ideologies and greatly influenced people's perception of gender.

Entrepreneur conference in Tencent HQ

Exchange of Venture Capital between China and Silicon Valley

Xiaoyong Wang

East Asian Studies

My research is focused on the flow of venture capital and people between China and Silicon Valley. I am curious in how the linkages are created and nurtured so that investment capital from largely Chinese government and enterprise funds can be funneled into privately held companies based in the United States. What kind of relationships between the industries and capital chain have been reflected in this process? During my fieldwork, I visited several VC's and tech companies both in Shenzhen and Beijing. In addition, I also took part in an entrepreneur conference in the Tencent headquarters, where I interviewed several famous entrepreneurs, and a student group tour with Tsinghua students. 

Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Understanding Japanese Poet Yosano Akiko

Nancy Jordan Hamilton

East Asian Studies

In 1928, the celebrated Japanese poet and literary figure Yosano Akiko traveled in Manchuria and composed a travelogue comprising both a prose narrative and a poetry collection. My research centers on the poetry, which has been largely neglected in the scholarship, and how the poetry adds to our understanding of Akiko's experience in Manchuria and, in particular, her positionality with respect to Japanese imperialism.

Marleny DeLeon in Arizona

Indigenous Linguistic and Cultural Renovation Efforts

Marleny DeLeon

Latin American Studies

I traveled to Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona where many of the experts on the indigenous groups I am studying reside. From these in-depth interviews, I found leading experts on Sonora’s indigenous groups. 

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