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About the Program

When will I meet the other internship participants?

You will meet the other internship participants during the pre-departure orientation in the Spring Quarter.

Can I conduct an internship longer than two months?

Please check with Internship Program Manager and the host company.

Will I get credit for my internship?

No. You will not receive any academic credit for participating in the Internship Program. However, this might fulfill the "abroad" requirement by some majors. Please check with your major department managers.

What is a virtual internship?

Virtual internships allow students to work remotely with host companies, both domestic and international. Typically, work is project-based, and students will communicate with their hosts to establish goals, meeting times, virtual social events, etc.

What can I expect in terms of workload during a virtual internship?

Workload should approximate that of an in-person internship (~35 hours/week). It is recommended that you discuss your weekly schedule and learning goals with the host organization, taking care to account for timezone differences.


I will graduate before/in June. Can I apply?

Students applying for the program must be Stanford students throughout their participation in the program. If you plan to graduate before the end of summer quarter, please consult with your major department (e.g. the student services manager) to discuss deferring the conferral of your degree until the end of summer. Please also contact Registrar's Office for graduation quarter petition.

I will coterm with a graduate status in the spring quarter. Can I apply?

Yes. This program is available to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and coterms in all majors. Participants must keep their undergraduate status during the summer internship. 


Can I travel during a virtual internship?

Students should not travel for the virtual internship.

What if I need to arrive later or leave earlier?

The goal of this program is to give students an extended immersive experience in the internship country. Therefore, we expect that students will remain in their respective countries for the full 8 weeks of this program unless they have advance written permission from the Internship Program Manager and the internship host company.

The Application

About the essay in the application, is there anything in particular I should emphasize?

The essay (or set of essays if you're applying to multiple positions) helps us evaluate your fit with that particular position. It should be addressed to Stanford Selection Committee. We need to know why you are applying for that position and what particular skills you can bring. If you are selected in the first screening process taking place at Stanford, your essay will be sent to the hiring company. Thus, it would be a good idea to write a convincing statement that can make the organization excited about having you onboard.

Who is qualified to write the recommendation?

While recommendations from Stanford-affiliated faculty are preferred, recommendations written by non-Stanford affiliated professors, staff members, and lecturers are also accepted. You may also ask your Pre-Major Advisor, Resident Fellow, or TA, as well as supervisors from any previous work experience. 

Am I allowed to apply to multiple positions?

Yes. Each applicant can apply for a maximum of two program-arranged positions. If you apply for more than two positions, we will only consider the first two positions submitted. EXCEPTIONS: your application for positions in India, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Latvia, and Ukraine, as well as the Monica Miller Walsh Grant and Pessoa-Trejos Grant are exempt from this restriction. 

What information do I need to provide for a self-arranged internship?

Your statement for a self-arranged position should include host organization name, website, internship address, dates, contact person email and phone number, as well as the job content and an itemized budget. Confirmation of acceptance from a host organization is not required until the time of the funding disbursement in the spring.

Immigration and Housing

I am an international student. Will an internship abroad affect my status in the U.S.?

You must check with the Bechtel International Center about how traveling to your internship country will affect your current U.S. visa.

Do I need a visa?

You are strongly advised to check out the Consulate website (of your internship country) for visa requirements. You are responsible for obtaining appropriate visas on time. Once you are accepted for the Global Studies Internship Program, we will provide you more information regarding visa applications.

What if my passport expires or if I don't have one?

You are required to make sure to have a passport that is valid six months after the date of departure from your internship country with at least two blank pages in the passport for the visa.  If you don't have a passport, apply for one immediately.  You need your valid passport to initiate any visa process. Please see travel information.

How does housing work?

You will either be provided housing by your internship organization, or you will need to find housing on your own. You will be notified whether your host organization provides housing when you receive the offer. The program will provide housing leads shared by former interns in the same city. Some students group up among themselves to find housing near their intership sites.

Language Requirements

What is the language requirement?

The level of local language skill required is based on the internship job description requirements. While your language training does not need to be fulfilled by a Stanford language course enrollment, language proficiency may be assessed in the applicant interview. For the application, you should state your expected level by the time of the internship.

Is there a language requirement for a language internship?

Please see our answer for in-person internships below. Additionally, virtual interns may be paired with cultural partners to practice language skills or engage in cultural activities.

The position I am applying for has a language requirement, and while I feel my language ability can satisfy the requirement, I haven’t taken this language at Stanford. Am I still eligible to apply?

Yes! Applicants don't need to have taken language classes at Stanford to fulfill the language requirement. We understand students can learn the language at home or before coming to Stanford. In this case, since sometimes it's difficult for a student to prove their language training, we may chat with the applicant in the local language when we invite them to the interview. The language requirement listed in the description is to give applicants an idea of the language level needed for that position. 

Health and Immunizations

Do I need to get immunizations?

You should consult with a physician or travel clinic well in advance of your departure to inquire about immunization recommendations. Some inoculations may require a series of shots that take weeks or months to become effective. Please see CDC's information for travelers.

Note: Vaden is very busy toward the end of Spring quarter so you should plan on making your appointments 4-6 weeks in advance of travel.

Do I need health insurance?

You must be covered by health insurance that is valid worldwide for the entire duration of your time overseas. If any medical treatment is necessary, you will be fully responsible for the costs.  Therefore, you must obtain health insurance (which should cover 1. medical treatment worldwide, 2. medical evacuation, and 3. repatriation of remains) for the summer. If you’re covered by Cardinal Care, all three categories are covered. The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can be purchased online. The ISIC card issued in the U.S. includes basic travel insurance that covers your international travels outside of the U.S. It also provides discounts on transportation, museums and other amenities. Students with Cardinal Care should check with the Vaden Health Center. Students covered by another insurance company should check directly with them and purchase additional travel health insurance if they are not covered. Link: Cardinal Care


How are virtual internships funded?

Students will receive a reduced stipend in order to account for reduced travel costs.

Who provides funding for my internship?

Both the Global Studies Internship Program and the host organization provide funding for your internship, i.e. a stipend to cover international travel and local standard living expenses. Any additional travel and extra expenses will be covered by the student.

I did not attend the information session. Where can I get more information?

Our peer advisors are also available to answer any questions or concerns.

Contact information for the program: Globalinternships [at] (GlobalInternships[at]stanford[dot]edu)