Düsseldorf, Germany

Kyle Lin

Kyle Lin
Heinrich Heine University

This summer, I had the unique opportunity to spend ten weeks pursuing independent biology research at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was an experience of a lifetime. 

As a biochemistry major in my senior year and an aspiring physician-scientist, my scientific work in Germany was especially impactful for me. At HHU, I collaborated with researchers from around the world, not just from Germany, but also many other countries like France, Belgium, Korea, Japan, Australia, and the US. With the help of my colleagues, I was able to complete key experiments toward a research endeavor I began at Stanford two years ago. The goal of my project is to engineer a powerful, new tool for studying real-time water flow through living tissues. I believe our work may have the potential to impact broadly how we understand the human body and disease, as well as agricultural crops and drought resistance. 

Beyond the laboratory, I had a wonderful time exploring and learning about Germany. As a classical pianist and philosophy minor, I found it incredible to immerse myself in the language and culture of a country home to so many great thinkers, inventors, and musicians. I have also developed an appreciation for the simple things in German city life: eating pork knuckle and sauerkraut, watching World Cup games at local restaurants with my lab mates, and enjoying scenic walks through centuries-old historical sites juxtaposed with modern storefronts and facades. 

My time abroad was unforgettable. I will bring back the personal, scientific, and practical skills I acquired abroad to my leadership positions, research, and interactions at Stanford. I have come away with an indelible appreciation for Germany, the city and people of Düsseldorf, and foreign cultures around the world. I hope to continue collaborating internationally in research and medicine as a future physician-scientist.