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2022 Global Research Trips

In 2022, Stanford Global Studies awarded Global Perspectives Grants, which are made possible through the generous support of Mr. Dapeng Zhu and Ms. Xiao Liu, to master's students from across the division for non-travel research. Read a few highlights about their experiences abroad below. 

Environmental Justice in Mexico City


Eliza Moreno


Latin American Studies

By visiting Mexico City, I was provided the opportunity to observe the realities of day-to-day lack of access to unclean water and air pollution and take notice of the studies and research I was conducting from Stanford University's campus. I visited various neighborhoods, most impacted by environmental degradation, as well as parks that were developed as a result of the high rates of pollution. The experience greatly complemented my experience at Stanford because, rather than remain restricted to knowledge of Mexico City through secondary sources, I was able to witness the impact of pollution in Mexico City firsthand: an experience that enhanced my capstone project. Despite holding ancestry from Mexico, I have not been granted many opportunities to visit the country. Through this experience, I was not only permitted the ability to explore the nuance of a nation my mother calls home, but also to delve further into the environmental studies I was conducting.