Panelists at 2023 SGS Global Dialogues event.

2023 spring Global Dialogues event, Citizenship and Belonging in Times of Political Crisis. 

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Global Dialogues

Global Dialogues is a new webinar series designed to foster fresh thinking on critical global issues and develop new approaches to grapple with the complexities of our interconnected and constantly changing world. Each quarter, we focus on a different topic under one of three larger themes: Concepts, Crises, and Connections.

What is the global life of a concept? How does it acquire new meanings, and resonate differently, as it travels across the world?

How does a crisis in one region reverberate around the globe?

What are our shared histories, and how do they shape our shared futures?


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October 2023

The Ripple Effect: Water Politics in a Global Context
January 2023

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October 2022

Conceptualizing Human Rights
May 2022

Reimagining Environmental Futures
February 2022

Scholar Rescue at Stanford
November 2021