Iranian Studies Student Translated Top-Secret Documents from the Soviet Union

Anna Polishchuk’s interest in Stanford’s Iranian Studies Program led her to archival collections at the Hoover Institution to examine top-secret Soviet...

As an undergraduate in the Iranian Studies Program, Anna Polishchuk translated top-secret documents from the Soviet Union as she researched the relationship between Iran’s pro-communist groups and the Soviets during the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

The road to that research opportunity began after Polishchuk accidentally stumbled on courses offered by Stanford Global Studies’ Iranian Studies Program. She took a course on Iranian cinema and another on contemporary politics of Iran with Abbas Milani, the director of the Iranian Studies Program.

Her curiosity about Iran and the region persisted, leading her to become the first student at Stanford to graduate with a minor in Iranian studies, according to the program’s administrators.

“I realized just how relevant and influential the ancient history of that region still is, and I was hooked,” Polishchuk said.

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