Student spotlight: Christina Boyer

Christina Boyer recently completed her B.A. in international relations and a minor in Global Studies with a European studies specialization.

Though she also specialized in international security and the Middle East, she discovered an interest in Europe through visits to the region.

For her minor capstone experience, Christina studied abroad in Madrid. “It was a fantastic experience and I loved the city,” she says. While she was in Madrid, she took European Model of Democracy, visited the grave of Francisco Franco, and traveled to several other countries on the weekends, including Portugal, Morocco, Budapest, and more.

She enjoyed Introduction to European Studies and also liked to discuss various global topics in Global 101: Critical Issues in Global Affairs.

“The minor has given me a focused academic insight into Europe that compliments the experience I have had living in England, and will help my future academic pursuits.”

Of her Stanford experience, she says: “I'm proud that I found the academic area I am passionate about. I didn't know that I wanted to study international relations, and it has proven to be a fascinating and rewarding experience.”

Christina plans to pursue a master's degree in international security at University College London. But first, she will work at TeachFirst in London, which is a two-year program that trains young aspiring teachers through experience teaching in the most deprived and underperforming schools across the country.

Congratulations Christina and best of luck!

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