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Global Studies Internship Program

Interns in Tokyo
From the Classroom into the World

The Stanford Global Studies (SGS) Division offers Stanford students an opportunity to extend classroom learning to immersive, cultural and professional experiences through the Global Studies Internship Program. 

Program identified internship positions cover a wide range of fields, including business, nonprofit, media, education, environment, medicine, arts, technology, engineering, science, law, human rights, and government. The program also supports students for self-arranged internships.

Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and coterms at Stanford in ALL majors are eligible to apply, including undeclared students. Some positions in Asia are open to graduate students. 

The overall stipend base is $6,000 per student provided by the host organization, the program, or both.

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Naz, center, in ALDE
Julian on Great Wall

Important Dates

Tara in Paris

Open Positions

Ricky, left, in Tokyo


Taiwan CMU interns


Yulou at Mitsubishi

Meet Our Peer Advisors

Jett at Lalela, South Africa


Student Reflections

Emily Jantz

Kozo Keikaku Engineering, Japan


"This experience really pushed my abilities as a mechanical engineer, especially in the area of fluids. Having my own projects that I had to research, develop a solution for, and then present, really gave me a sense of confidence that I am capable of performing valuable work outside of a classroom context. Working closely with my company to develop a fluid simulation software and perform structural analysis were just some of the valuable lessons I learned. The department I worked for welcomed me incredibly warmly, taking me on many day trips and dinners in order to expose me to more of the Japanese culture. Outside of work, the opportunity to explore Tokyo and experience Japanese culture was really unparalleled." 


Emily and Rosemond

Josh Petersen

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) group in the European Parliament, Belgium

Philosophy and German Studies Major, Global Studies minor with a specialization in European Studies, Class of 2018


"On any given day, I might help brief members of parliament, analyze new legislation, or write independent research notes. I often attended meetings, hearings, and negotiations with other political parties. I even got to be a representative of the ALDE group in a meeting with top-level researchers from UNICEF, Amnesty International, and other NGOs. Most of the legislation I worked on will affect refugees, immigrants and asylum-seekers in the near future...Being at the European Parliament during the Brexit vote might be the most memorable thing that has ever, and possibly will ever, happen to me...I cannot express how grateful I am for this internship. Without the financial support of Stanford, none of this would have been possible. Giving such possibilities to other students, in my opinion, should be one of Stanford's number one priorities if it wishes to increase its representation in public service, government, and governance in the future."


Josh Petersen with the European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager

Lillian Rogers

Policy Manager, U.S. Information Technoloy Office, Beijing

B.A. International Relations '13


“My two internships have been transformative, essentially launching my career. My first internship at the Beijing Policy Center gave me my first true taste of working in China and my second internship at Caixin News provided the source material for my honors thesis and also landed me my current job. As a government relations consultant, I’m able to do what I love: study China’s fascinating and complex political economy while also having a real-world impact by facilitating client successes. All of this is thanks to the internships I was able to participate in because of Stanford, which gave me experience, allowed me to hone my language skills, and helped me build connections here.”


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Lillian Rogers

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