Paris, France

Dahee Chung

INSERM (French National Institute of Health and Medical Research) - Chromosome Biology & Dynamics Group

During my summer internship at Paris, France, I learned and utilized a battery of molecular genetics tools together with high-throughput in vivo microscopy and image analyses to figure out the chromatin motility. As the project was directly related to my major and interest, the internship experience became the cornerstone for my further research career. Furthermore, I got a chance to travel around the city Paris as well as Versailles, Nice, and several Normandy regions of France. One of the best memories at Paris was when I watched the Bastille day fireworks in front of Eiffel tower and parade at Champ Elysee on July 14th. It was very entertaining and meaningful experience for me and I recognize that this couldn't have been possible without support from Stanford. I even ate dinner with my Stanford Lab PI and my pre-major advisor who visited Paris for their summer vacation. The most significant thing I learned throughout the internship is an ability to be very precise and meticulous in conducting experiments as well as in writing the lab notes. Furthermore, meeting various people from different background made my eyes open toward the bigger world. Special thanks to Stanford Global Studies France-Stanford Center for Interdisciplinary Studies for giving me this opportunity which will remain one of my best experiences during my time at Stanford. vlog link --