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SGS Summer Film Festival: "Danny from North Korea" & "The People's Crisis"

Danny from North Korea
June 28, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Geology Corner, Building 320

Free and open to the public

Joseph Seeley
Elisa Kim

Every year, thousands of North Koreans make the dangerous journey across the border to escape oppression and poverty. In March of 2005, Danny was one of them. He escaped a life of indoctrination, routine public executions, and starvation. Danny from North Korea, directed by Adam Sjöberg (U.S., 2013) is about Danny's story — from his challenging life in North Korea, to his brave escape to China, and his resettlement journey in the United States.

The People's Crisis, directed by Ryan Downer (U.S., 2012), is a sweeping overview of the North Korean people's crisis, with survivor interviews and examinations of efforts to help people find refuge.

These films will be shown with the support of Liberty in North Korea, a non-profit organization helping North Korean refugees. More information can be found at

Q&A to follow with Joseph Seeley, Department of History & Elisa Kim, Department of Sociology.

These films are part of the annual SGS Summer Film Festival running most Wednesdays from June 28 to September 13. This year's festival features nine films from around that world that focus on the theme of “Finding Place: Immigration, Refugees, & Borders Across the World.” For more information on the film festival, please visit SGS Summer 2017 Film Festival

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Center for East Asian Studies, Stanford Global Studies Division
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