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Student spotlight: Priscilla Agbeo

(Photo credit: Holly Hernandez)
Jun 15 2018

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Priscilla Agbeo is a first-generation college student from the South Side of Chicago, graduating with a degree in African and African American studies and a minor in Global Studies, with a specialization in African studies.

"One of my favorite Stanford memories was co-founding Akwaaba, the Ghanaian student association. There was a big Ghanaian community and we needed reasons to get together. Freshman year, I realized many students, especially those who were international students, couldn’t go home for Thanksgiving, so we all got together and cooked. We made a large meal for 50 people including kenkey, okra stew, groundnut soup with rice balls, tilapia, jollof rice, and other Ghanaian dishes. We ate together at Harmony House, listened to music, and had a conversation over dinner that evolved into people sharing childhood stories.”

Congratulations Priscilla and best of luck!

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