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30 global courses to take in winter quarter

Encina Commons

Encina Commons, Stanford University

Oct 24 2019

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You can start enrolling in courses for winter quarter on Sunday, October 27. Still deciding what to take? Check out these winter quarter classes that have an international focus, and add a new global perspective to your studies:

AFRICAAM 31: RealTalk: Intimate Discussions about the African Diaspora

AFRICAAM 48Q: South Africa: Contested Transitions (HISTORY 48Q)

AFRICAAM 105: Introduction to African and African American Studies

AFRICAAM 111: AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa (AFRICAST 112, AFRICAST 212)

AFRICAAM 238J: The European Scramble for Africa: Origins and Debates (HISTORY 238J, HISTORY 338J)

ARTHIST 2: Asian Arts and Cultures (JAPAN 60)

CHILATST 274: The History of Mexicans and Mexican Americans (HISTORY 274C, HISTORY 374C)

CHINA 151B: The Nature of Knowledge: Science and Literature in East Asia (CHINA 251B, JAPAN 151B, JAPAN 251B, KOREA 151, KOREA 251)

CHINA 170: Chinese Language, Culture, and Society

COMPLIT 100: CAPITALS: How Cities Shape Cultures, States, and People (DLCL 100, FRENCH 175, GERMAN 175, HISTORY 206E, ILAC 175, ITALIAN 175, URBANST 153)

COMPLIT 142B: Translating Japan, Translating the West (JAPAN 121, JAPAN 221)

CSRE 85B: Jews in the Contemporary World: The Jewish Present and Past in Film, Television and Popular Culture (HISTORY 85B, JEWISHST 85B, REES 85B)

EASTASN 97: The International Relations of Asia since World War II (EASTASN 297)

EASTASN 189K: Korea and the World (EASTASN 289K)

GLOBAL 106: Populism and the Erosion of Democracy (POLISCI 140P, REES 240P)

GLOBAL 133: The Medieval Middle East: Crusaders, Turks, and Mongols (GLOBAL 233, HISTORY 283C, HISTORY 383C)

GLOBAL 135: Around the World in Ten Films (FILMSTUD 135, FILMSTUD 335)

HISTORY 1B: Global History: The Early Modern World, 1300 to 1800

HISTORY 39: Modern Britain and the British Empire

HISTORY 110C: The Problem of Modern Europe

HISTORY 147: History of South Africa (AFRICAAM 147, CSRE 174)

HISTORY 205K: The Age of Revolution: America, France, and Haiti (AFRICAAM 205K, HISTORY 305K)

HUMRTS 108: Spanish Immersion Service-Learning: Migration, Asylum, and Human Rights at the U.S. Mexico Border

INTLPOL 231B: Understanding Russia: Its Power and Purpose in a New Global Order (POLISCI 213C, REES 231B)

INTLPOL 241: International Security in a Changing World (POLISCI 114S)

INTLPOL 244: U.S. Policy toward Northeast Asia

INTLPOL 281: Global Poverty and the Law

INTNLREL 60Q: United Nations Peacekeeping

INTNLREL 122: Introduction to European Studies (POLISCI 213E)

INTNLREL 136R: Introduction to Global Justice (ETHICSOC 136R, PHIL 76, POLISCI 136R, POLISCI 336)

LATINAM 177A: Mapping Poverty, Colonialism, and Nation Building in Latin America

MS&E 92Q: International Environmental Policy

URBANST 110: Introduction to Urban Studies (HISTORY 107)