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30 global courses to take this winter quarter

student presents in mapping poverty course

The winter course Mapping Poverty, Colonialism and National Building in Latin America includes sessions in the Green Library's David Rumsey Map Center. Above, a student presents his final project about mapping the moving artist scene in Mexico City.

Nov 1 2018

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Still deciding what courses to take next quarter? Check out these intro-level winter quarter courses that have an international focus, and add a new global perspective to your studies:

AFRICAAM 31: RealTalk: Intimate Discussions about the African Diaspora

AFRICAAM 105: Introduction to African and African American Studies

AFRICAAM 111: AIDS, Literacy, and Land: Foreign Aid and Development in Africa

AMELANG 144: An Introduction to Persian Literature, an Aesthetic Tradition Over a Millennium Old

ANTHRO 27N: Ethnicity and Violence: Anthropological Perspectives

AMSTUD 51Q: Comparative Fictions of Ethnicity

ARCHLGY 105: Global Heritage: Conflict, Reconciliation, and Diplomacy

ASNAMST 174S: When Half is Whole: Developing Synergistic Identities and Mestiza Consciousness

CHILATST 180E: Introduction to Chicanx/Latinx Studies

CSRE 1V: A History of Race

EASTASN 97: The International Relations of Asia since World War II

ETHICSOC 136R: Introduction to Global Justice

GLOBAL 135: Around the World in Ten Films

HISTORY 1B: Global History: The Early Modern World, 1300 to 1800

HISTORY 2N: Food and Global History

HISTORY 20A: The Russian Empire, 1450-1800

HISTORY 23N: The Soviet Union and the World: View from the Hoover Archives

HISTORY 31S: Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolution in Early Modern Europe: Theory and Practice

HISTORY 138G: Europe and Its Great Migrations: The Modern Period

HISTORY 205K: The Age of Revolution: America, France, and Haiti

HUMRTS 109: Slavery, human trafficking, and the moral order: ancient and modern

INTNLREL 122: Introduction to European Studies

LATINAM 177: Mapping Poverty, Colonialism and National Building in Latin America

NATIVEAM 115: Introduction to Native American History

POLISCI 1: The Science of Politics

POLISCI 10N: International Organizations and the World Order

POLISCI 110C: America and the World Economy

POLISCI 148: Chinese Politics

RELIGST 12N: Perspectives on the Good Life

SLAVIC 103: The Putin Phenomenon: Culture and Politics in Recent Russian History

Interested in exploring more courses relating to a specific world region or theme? Visit the websites of SGS centers and programs for lists of related and new courses at all levels.