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Two global studies students win 2020 Firestone Medal

Firestone medal winners

Harika Kottakota and Emily Bishko

Jul 10 2020

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Thirty-seven winners, including international relations major Emily Bishko and human rights minor Harika Kottakota, representing 29 undergraduate departmental and interdisciplinary honors programs were recently honored for excellence in their theses and research. These students have received 2020 Firestone and Golden medals, as well as the Kennedy Honors Thesis prizes.

The Firestone and Golden Medals are awarded to the top 10 percent of honors theses completed in a given year. The Firestone Medal for Excellence in Undergraduate Research recognizes theses written in the social sciences, natural sciences and engineering. The Robert M. Golden Medal for Excellence in Humanities and Creative Arts similarly distinguishes theses in the humanities or creative projects in the arts. The students will each receive an engraved bronze medal, citation and a monetary award.

The projects conducted by the winners capture the breadth of the undergraduate experience at Stanford and span diverse academic areas, from the sciences to the arts.

International relations major Emily Bishko, '20 received the Firestone Medal for her thesis, titled “Of Dinners and Diplomacy: What White House State Dinners Reveal About Relationship Building and Goodwill Signaling in U.S. Foreign Policy.” She was advised by Robert Rakove, a lecturer in the Program in International Relations.

Human rights minor Harika Kottakota, '20 received the Firestone Medal for her thesis, “Who ‘Speaks’ for Autism and Who is ‘M[i]ss[i]ng’? Examining Autism Narratives and Advocacy in the Era of Genomics,” Science, Technology, and Society, advised by Duana Fullwiley. 

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