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Cantor Center
Feb 22 2019 | Stanford Arts | Posted In: Announcements
The Office of the Vice President for the Arts at Stanford University announces the first two artists in the new Visiting Artist Fund in Honor of Roberta Bowman Denning (VAF). The program brings international artists into Stanford classrooms in order to provide a stimulus in artistic thinking and...
Jun Uchida
Feb 22 2019 | Center for East Asian Studies | Posted In: Announcements, Faculty
Stanford Center for East Asian Studies (CEAS) Director and Associate Professor of History Jun Uchida has been awarded a Fellowship for Advanced Social Science Research on Japan from the National Endowment for the Humanities to complete her book project, Provincializing Empire: Ōmi Me
Feb 22 2019 | Arman Kassam, Handa Center | Posted In: Events
On Wednesday night, 65 members of the Stanford community gathered for a screening of 82 Names: Syria, Please Don't Forget Us. This documentary, produced by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, explores the imprisonment and torture of Syrian activist Mansour Omari.
Adam Kochanski
Feb 21 2019 | Stefanie Pietkiewicz, Stanford Global Studies | Posted In: Research
Research fellow Adam Kochanski joined the WSD Handa Center for Human Rights and International Justice one year ago after completing his Ph.D. in Political Studies from the University of Ottawa. 
Springtime at Stanford University
Feb 15 2019 | Posted In: Students
Still deciding what classes to enroll in? Check out these spring quarter courses that have an international focus, and add a new global perspective to your studies.  AFRICAST 209: Running While Others Walk: African Perspectives on Development
Rachel Quint, Robin Swearingen and Sofia Singer
Feb 11 2019 | Posted In: Students
Global studies alumni Rachel Quint and Robin Swearingen returned to campus in February to talk about their careers in international service at a panel discussion held at the Haas Center for Public Service.
Steven Pifer
Feb 1 2019 | Melissa De Witte, Stanford News | Posted In: Media
U.S. suspension of the INF Treaty – the first step toward withdrawing from the 1987 arms control agreement – allows Russia to develop and deploy missiles that can travel between 3,000–5,500 miles, according to a Stanford scholar with diplomatic experience in the region. While the U.S. is also...
Encina Hall
Jan 24 2019 | Michelle Leung, Stanford Daily | Posted In: Students
Over the past four years, the Stanford Global Studies (SGS) Division of the School of Humanities and Sciences welcomed two new undergraduate academic degree plans offered only as minors. These programs — the Global Studies minor and the Human Rights minor — provide central academic structures for...
Christophe Crombez
Jan 17 2019 | Melissa De Witte, Stanford News | Posted In: Media
Stanford researcher Christophe Crombez breaks down the withdrawal negotiations of Brexit, the British exit from the European Union. A no-deal Brexit – a possibility since the U.K. Parliament rejected Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal to withdraw from the European Union earlier this week – could...
Khatib with Romeo and Juliet, mobile robotic arms that could perform a wide range of tasks and collaborate with each other.
Jan 16 2019 | Taylor Kubota, Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty
Oussama Khatib is a professor of computer science at Stanford University and leads the Robotics Lab. His projects have included cooperative robots, Romeo and Juliet, and the diving robot, OceanOne. He is also interested in autonomous robots, human-friendly robotics, haptics – bringing the sense of...