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Mar 29 2018 | Clifton B. Parker, Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, Research
When Stanford scholar Lisa Blaydes decided to write a book on Saddam Hussein’s regime in Iraq, she turned to one of most comprehensive collection on the subject – the Ba’ath Party Archives at the Hoover Institution.
Engstrom and Weinstein
Mar 26 2018 | Melissa De Witte, Stanford News | Posted In: Faculty, Research
As California and other states and cities act on their own on the international stage, Stanford scholars explore how these sub-federal actors are shifting the laws that would otherwise limit their state authority in foreign affairs. California – the country’s most populous state and the world’s...
Teachers view soviet posters from the Russian Revolution
Mar 19 2018 | Posted In: Global Perspectives Blog
“Alarming new rumors were in circulation all day yesterday,” said Marissa Rhee, project archivist for exhibits at the Hoover Institution. “The Bolsheviks are undoubtedly preparing something in Petrograd. But what? A bluff, or really the seizure of power?”
Alexis Kallen
Mar 16 2018 | Kathleen Sullivan, Stanford News Service | Posted In: Awards, Students
As a Stanford undergraduate, Alexis Kallen has traveled around the world, logging study and research trips to the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Rwanda, Spain, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Her next stop: England, where she will begin graduate studies as a Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford in the fall...
International Relations 101 course
Mar 13 2018 | Posted In: Students
Still deciding what classes to take this spring? Here are 20 internationally-focused courses to consider taking next quarter, along with respective faculty instructors. Some courses have limited availability with applications due before the end of March.
Halil Yenigun
Mar 7 2018 | Posted In: Global Perspectives Blog
Halil Yenigun is a visiting postdoctoral scholar at Stanford’s Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies, who left Turkey in 2016 amidst a government crackdown on dissenting academics. In the below interview, Yenigun shares his story of advocating for democracy, human rights, and peace in Turkey, and calls...
Mar 1 2018 | Posted In: Faculty, Global Perspectives Blog
In Bush II, Obama, and the Decline of U.S. Hegemony in the Western Hemisphere Thomas O’Keefe, lecturer in international relations, applies competing definitions and conceptions of hegemony to various foreign policy initiatives and events during the George W. Bush & Obama administrations to test...
Tristan Brown at Stanford
Feb 28 2018 | Posted In: Global Perspectives Blog
Tristan Brown is a scholar of late imperial and modern Chinese History, who joined Stanford’s Center for East Asian Studies as a postdoctoral fellow for 2017–18.
Japsimran in India
Feb 21 2018 | Posted In: Global Perspectives Blog, Research, Students
With co-sponsorship by the Center for South Asia and the WSD Handa Center for Human Rights & International Justice, Stanford student Japsimran Kaur, ’18, spent her summer working with a team of Stanford researchers in Gujarat, India. Stanford Global Studies colleagues Sangeeta Mediratta,...
Feb 20 2018 | KQED Forum | Posted In: Faculty, Media
Tensions in the Middle East are high following military clashes involving Israel, Syria, and Iran earlier this month, and after the Syrian military shot down an Israeli fighter jet. Professor Abbas Milani, Director of the Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies, spoke with NPR's...