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Center for Human Rights and International Justice releases new resource to combat human trafficking

Getting to good human trafficking data: A workbook and field guide for Indonesian civil society
Aug 31 2020

This summer, the Center for Human Rights & International Justice, in partnership with the Indonesian Institute for Criminal Justice Reform, released a new resource aimed at supporting enhanced data collection at the frontlines of the anti-trafficking movement.

Getting to Good Human Trafficking Data: A Workbook and Field Guide for Indonesian Civil Societycomplements the previously published Getting to Good Human Trafficking Data: Everyday Guidelines for Frontline Practitioners in Southeast Asia,and aims to shape internal discussions around data within organizations, ensure organizations get the most out of the data they already collect, and proactively address potential challenges teams might face in implementing these approaches. 

Although this document was created based on the experience of Indonesian CSOs, the authors believe it could be a practical and actionable resource to anti-trafficking organizations operating in various settings. 

Download the PDFs of these reports for free via the Center's online collection of research publications.