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50 global courses to take this winter quarter

Naz Deravian with students

Last year, students enrolled in FRENLENG 60E: French Persian Cooking had the opportunity to learn from Award-winning author Naz Deravian, who recently wrote the cookbook Bottom of the Pot – Persian Recipes and Stories.

Oct 23 2020

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Still deciding what courses to take next quarter? Check out these intro-level winter quarter courses that have an international focus, and add a new global perspective to your studies:

AFRICAAM 62Q: A Comparatie Exploration of Higher Education in Jamaica (Anglo-Caribbean) and South Africa

AFRICAST 195: Shifting Frames

ARCHLGY 128: Europe Before the Romans: Early Complex Societies (CLASSICS 128)

BIO 117: Biology and Global Change (EARTHSYS 111, EARTHSYS 217, ESS 111)

COMPLIT 249B: Iranian Cinema in Diaspora (GLOBAL 249B)

CS 182: Ethics, Public Policy, and Technological Change (COMM 180, ETHICSOC 182, PHIL 82, POLISCI 182, PUBLPOL 182)

EARTHSYS 185: Feeding Nine Billion

EASTASN 97: The International Relations of Asia since World War II (EASTASN 297)

EDUC 136: World, Societal, and Educational Change: Comparative Perspectives (EDUC 306D, SOC 231)

FEMGEN 192: Women in French Cinema: 1958- (FILMSTUD 112, FRENCH 192)

FILMSTUD 100B: History of World Cinema II: Currents in Francophone Film, 1970-present

GEOLSCI 45: Developing and maintaining a habitable Earth: A global challenge?

GLOBAL 101: Critical Issues in Global Affairs

GLOBAL 102: The Mamluks: Slave-Soldiers and Sultans of Medieval Egypt (GLOBAL 210, HISTORY 249, HISTORY 349A)

GLOBAL 139: History of Philosophy from Al-Kindi to Averroes (PHIL 101A)

GLOBAL 249B: Iranian Cinema in Diaspora (COMPLIT 249B)

HISTORY 1B: Global History: The Early Modern World, 1300 to 1800

HISTORY 3J: Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives

HISTORY 39: Modern Britain and the British Empire

HISTORY 40: World History of Science

HISTORY 41N: Visible Bodies: Black Female Authors and the Politics of Publishing in Africa

HISTORY 87: The Islamic Republics: Politics and Society in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan

HISTORY 181B: Formation of the Contemporary Middle East

HISTORY 216D: Nationalism, Colonialism, and the Lord of the Rings: The Middle Ages in the Modern World

HISTORY 224C: Genocide and Humanitarian Intervention (HISTORY 324C, JEWISHST 284C, JEWISHST 384C, PEDS 224)

HISTORY 226E: Famine in the Modern World (HISTORY 326E, PEDS 226)

HISTORY 284: The Ottoman Empire: Conquest, Coexistence, and Coffee (HISTORY 384)

HUMBIO 29G: Gender and Intersectionality in Global Health

HUMBIO 129S: Global Public Health

HUMRTS 108: Advanced Spanish Service-Learning: Migration, Asylum, and Human Rights at the Border

HUMRTS 110: Global Women's Issues in Human Rights and Health

HUMRTS 112: Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives (CSRE 105C, FEMGEN 105C, HISTORY 105C, INTNLREL 105C)

HUMRTS 6W: Community-Engaged Learning Workshop on Human Trafficking - Part I (FEMGEN 6W, HISTORY 6W)

HUMRTS 7W: Community-Engaged Learning Workshop on Human Trafficking - Part II (FEMGEN 7W, HISTORY 7W)

INTNLREL 5C: Human Trafficking: Historical, Legal, and Medical Perspectives (CSRE 5C, FEMGEN 5C, HISTORY 5C)

INTNLREL 60Q: United Nations Peacekeeping (PEDS 60Q)

INTNLREL 136R: Introduction to Global Justice (ETHICSOC 136R, PHIL 76, POLISCI 136R, POLISCI 336)

MS&E 92Q: International Environmental Policy

POLISCI 140P: Populism and the Erosion of Democracy (REES 240P)

POLISCI 148: Chinese Politics (POLISCI 348)

PSYC 86Q: Psychology of Xenophobia

PUBLPOL 122: BioSecurity and Pandemic Resilience (BIOE 122, EMED 122, EMED 222, PUBLPOL 222)

PUBLPOL 168: Global Organizations: Accountability in non-profit organizations (PUBLPOL 268, SOC 168, SOC 268)

PWR 1EP: Writing & Rhetoric 1: The Rhetoric of Global Development and Social Change

SLAVIC 121: Ukraine at a Crossroads (SLAVIC 221)

SPANLANG 108SL: Advanced Spanish Service-Learning: Migration, Asylum & Human Rights at the Border

STS 1: The Public Life of Science and Technology (CSRE 1T)

STS 51B: Race in Technology (AFRICAAM 51B, BIOE 91B, CEE 151B, COMM 51B, CSRE 51B, HUMBIO 71B)

URBANST 110: Introduction to Urban Studies (HISTORY 107)

URBANST 148: Who Owns Your City?: Institutional Real Estate Seminar