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30 globally-focused courses to take in spring quarter

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Feb 19 2020

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Still deciding what classes to enroll in next quarter? Check out these spring quarter courses that have an international focus, and add a new global perspective to your studies:

AFRICAAM 145B: Africa in the 20th Century

AFRICAST 109: Running While Others Walk: African Perspectives on Development

ARTHIST 162: Visual Arts Cuba (1959 - 2015)

ARTHIST 185: Arts of China in the Early Modern World, 1550-1800

COMPLIT 249C: Contemporary Iranian Theater

GERMAN 101: Germany in 5 Words

GERMAN 138: German Empires (GERMAN 338)

GLOBAL 120: Stories at the Border: crossing the boundaries of geography and genre

HISTORY 1C: Global History through Graphic Novels: The Modern Age

HISTORY 201A: The Global Drug Wars (HISTORY 301A)

HISTORY 245C: Casablanca - Algiers - Tunis : Cities on the Edge (AFRICAAM 236B, COMPLIT 236A, CSRE 140S, FRENCH 236, FRENCH 336, URBANST 140F)

HISTORY 3S: A Global History of the Apocalypse: Millenarian Movements in the Modern World

HISTORY 95: Modern Korean History

HUMRTS 103: Transitional Justice, Human Rights, and International Criminal Tribunals (ETHICSOC 280, INTLPOL 280, INTNLREL 180A)

HUMRTS 114: Human Rights Practice and Challenges in Southeast Asia: Issues, fieldwork, career paths

HUMRTS 115: Business, Social Responsibility and Human Rights

INTNLREL 123: The Future of the European Union: Challenges and Opportunities

INTNLREL 140A: International Law and International Relations

INTNLREL 142: Challenging the Status Quo: Social Entrepreneurs Advancing Democracy, Development and Justice (AFRICAST 142, AFRICAST 242)

ITALIAN 237: Michelangelo: Gateway to Early Modern Italy (ARTHIST 218A, ARTHIST 418A, ITALIAN 337)

MS&E 93Q: Nuclear Weapons, Energy, Proliferation, and Terrorism

POLISCI 110G: Governing the Global Economy

POLISCI 149S: Islam, Iran, and the West

POLISCI 247G: Governance and Poverty

POLISCI 248S: Latin American Politics

POLISCI 46N: Contemporary African Politics

REES 212: The Politics of Migration in Russia, Eurasia, and Eastern Europe