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Trump's Position on Putin is "Odd" & "Dangerous" Writes Kathryn Stoner in The New York Times

In The New York TimesRoom for Debate, Ford Dorsey Program in International Policy Studies Director Kathryn Stoner debates the Wilson Center's Matthew Rojansky over whether the U.S. should try to deal more closely with Russia, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has argued during his campaign. 

Gordon Chang: Historical Links Will Ensure the Sino-U.S. Relationship Endures Beyond the Current China Bashing

Center for East Asian Studies Director Gordon Chang writes that China and the US need to build further upon their peoples’ centuries-old connections and find a peaceable way forward for the global good.

It’s presidential election time in the US and that means “China” will constantly be in the political news. For the past 30 years, every candidate of whatever persuasion has loudly claimed he or she, unlike the opponent, will get “tough” with China. Bashing is what some call it.

Abbas Milani on Iran's Elections

The February 26 parliamentary election in Iran was the first since the country signed an historic nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers. President Hassan Rouhani and his allies, who fostered the agreement, came out on top, while the conservative Islamist establishment was dealt a significant blow. Meanwhile, many young Iranians say the election was rigged.

Beethoven in Beijing

The compelling sound and story of Beethoven’s influence in China came to life at a Stanford Center, Peking University event.


In 1922, Chinese Professor and Composer Xiao Youmei created the original Chinese symphony orchestra to bring the sound of Beethoven to his people for the first time.


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