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The Politics of Natural Disasters

Can poor crisis response in the face of a natural disaster shift long-standing party support for the long-term? According to research by Lina Erikkson, it can. 

Eriksson, The Europe Center's Visiting Student Researcher, is a Fulbright Scholar who is visiting Stanford from Uppsala University and the Center for Natural Disaster Science in Sweden. In her dissertation, Natural Disasters and National Politics, she examines the electoral effects of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami and the 2005 Storm Gudrun on Swedish parliamentary elections.

Celebrating 50 Years of Latin American Studies at Stanford

The year was 1965. The Cuban Missile Crisis had elevated fears about international security as the world teetered on the brink of nuclear war, and U.S.-Latin America relations were at an all time low.

To improve relations and expertise, and to prevent the proliferation of communism in the region, President John F. Kennedy enacted a series of federal aid and education programs, and expanded funding for higher education centers dedicated to the study of Latin America.

CEAS MA student researches history of disputed China Sea islands

Friction between China and Japan over sovereignty for the resource-rich Diaoyu Islands has escalated in recent years. Research by East Asian Studies graduate student Xiang Zhai reveals new details about the dispute that might help resolve it.

A desolate chain of small, rocky islands in the East China Sea has caused more than a few waves between Japan and China in recent years.

Foothill Community College Fellows Collaborate with Lacuna Stories

Stanford's Lacuna Stories is a dynamic education research project at the Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis (CESTA).  Their web-based platform  helps create a “flipped classroom” that encourages greater interaction between faculty and students, and more effective reading, thinking, and discussion through engagement with digital course materials, annotation tools, and discussion platforms.

SGS Announces Summer 2015 Film Festival Lineup

The sixth annual Summer Film Festival “Imagining Empire: A Global Retrospective,” will run from June 17th to August 26th and features eight films from around the world.  

"Empire," the focus of this year's film festival, offers a flexible lens with which to look at both historical and contemporary geopolitical and socioeconomic contexts. The films chosen truly represent the variety of ways in which empire has been cinematically interpreted and reimagined. 

Photo Contest Winners Announced

More than 100 photos were submitted in this year's SGS Student Photo Contest where they were judged on their technical quality, clarity and composition as well as the ability to capture a picture-perfect moment. 

Bao Jia Tan's photograph, "The Meat Seller," taken in Lhasa, Tibet, China, was judged the Best Photograph in Show.  The following description was submitted with the photo: 


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