K-14 Professional Learning Institutes

Stanford Global Studies partners with the Graduate School of Education's Center to Support Excellence in Teaching (CSET) to provide unique professional learning institutes for K-14 educators that offer teachers the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of key topics of current relevance and hone their pedagogical expertise.

All upcoming opportunities are virtual. This new virtual model ensures the safety of our scholars, staff, and participants, and also affords participants two exciting opportunities: to engage with nationally and internationally renowned scholars and to participate in high quality distance learning with all program design decisions intended to model what also can be done with students. You may enroll in individual workshops for $199.

Upcoming workshops:

The Silk Road, Old and New

June 16-18, 2022 | Virtual Institute

Networks of goods, peoples, cultures, and trade stretch from China to the Mediterranean Basin. These “silk roads”—overland across Eurasia and through maritime routes across the Indian Ocean—have shaped empires, spread religions, and fueled global economies for millennia. Today, new silk roads, like China's Belt and Road Initiative, build on old and extend beyond their traditional reach, to Africa and beyond. How has the Silk Road influenced the modern global economy, politics, and world religions? How can the transregional lens of the “silk road” help us understand globalization, borders, and migration? 

The institute is designed for K-14 educators who teach subjects relating to the humanities (history, social studies, literature, etc). All are welcome.