2022 South Asia Internship Grants

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Stanford’s Center for South Asia offers a number of internship grants for summer 2022 in collaboration with Stanford Global Studies (SGS) Internships Program.

South Asia Internship Grant is open to all currently enrolled Stanford undergraduate, co-terms, and Master's students. Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Global Studies South Asia Minor. 

Applicants may receive up to $6,500 toward an 8-week internship in an organization related to any region or country of South Asia. Policies regarding travel will be updated as University policies evolve. Visit Health Alerts for Stanford travelers for the most current travel guidance and restrictions due to COVID-19. The stipend base for a virtual internship is $5,500. Cost-of-living supplements are not available for students who will be working virtually. 

Previous internship projects included Forbes Marshall, Waste Pickers Collective (KPKP), Akanksha, and Shelter Associates. Students are encouraged to arrange 8-week positions with non-profit organizations particularly in the areas of education, women’s issues, public health, or environmental sustainability. 

Internship duration must be at least 8 weeks full-time (35+ hours/week).


1) Click "APPLY NOW" on the upper right corner of this opportunity.

2) Click "Update your SOLO profile" to create and update a profile;

3) Click "Recommendation" on the right to enter your recommender's information. Your recommender will receive a notification about the recommendation form. If you miss this step, you might not be able to save a draft of your application.

4) Complete the rest of the application questions and click "Review and Submit" once your application is complete. Please double check if you select the correct position(s) before you submit the application.

§  Your statement helps the committee evaluate your fit with your self-arranged internship position and it should be addressed to Stanford Selection Committee. Clearly state why you are applying to that organization, what particular skills you can bring to the host organization and what you expect to gain from the internship experience. Please write within 300 words. Your statement should include the host organization's name, website, internship address, contact person's name, email, and phone number; as well as the internship dates, job description, and an itemized budget (including room & board, health insurance, vaccination(s), etc.).

Supervisor/Mentor Requirement

All interns must have a supervisor/mentor at their host organization. The mentor/supervisor must be a staff member (i.e., not a volunteer) who works full time with the host organization. The mentor/supervisor may not be the intern’s family member, and the host organization cannot be owned or run by the intern’s family member.


Although Stanford is providing funding for a project or has recommended a student for a project, Stanford’s evaluation of the project has been limited to the merits of the student’s application. Stanford Global Studies staff do not necessarily have direct experience with, nor do we professionally endorse, partner organizations. Among other things, Stanford is not in the position to evaluate, and therefore has not evaluated, whether the project will take place in a safe and secure environment. Stanford is not responsible for matters that are beyond its control, and cannot warrant the safety or convenience of the circumstances under which the student will be traveling, living or working. Students are solely responsible for evaluating the safety of the environment in which they will be traveling and/or working and for taking appropriate precautions to safeguard their health and personal belongings.

§  Stanford reserves the right to cancel or modify any award before or during the internship for any reason, including natural disasters, emergencies, or compliance with the University travel policy at healthalerts.stanford.edu.

United States of America (Stanford off-campus)
  • This position is open to all currently enrolled Stanford undergraduate and MA/MS students. Priority will be given to students enrolled in the Global Studies South Asia Minor.  
  • For summer 2022, proof of vaccination will be required for all undergraduate travel, with no exceptions. The final decision to proceed with the international learning opportunities is dependent upon factors such as a continued decline in case numbers and increase in vaccinations in specific locations. Policies regarding travel (domestic or international) and international internships will be updated as University policies evolve. Visit Health Alerts for Stanford travelers for the most current travel guidance and restrictions due to COVID-19.

  • Travel Reservations Requirement: All interns are required to utilize Stanford Travel, a centralized booking program, when booking air fare, hotels, or rental cars for their internship experiences.

  • Students must be enrolled at Stanford in the quarter when they apply for an internship opportunity (Winter), and will need to be enrolled in undergraduate study in the quarter when grant funding is disbursed (Spring). Applicants participating in off-campus Stanford programs are welcome to apply, but it is the responsibility of the applicant to compile, collate, and submit a complete application.

  • Internship participants must certify that they are in good academic standing, and may not participate in the program or receive or retain internship stipends if they are on suspension.

  • International students must consult with Bechtel about interning in the U.S. or traveling out of the U.S. in the summer.

  • Participants must be current Stanford students during the internship period. Seniors and graduating Master's students must postpone graduation paperwork until the internship ends, but may participate in commencement. For summer graduation requirements, including details regarding enrollment requirements and information about participation in the June commencement ceremonies, students should contact their major department's student services office and Registrar's Office for graduation quarter petition.

  • Preferably, before beginning their internships, selected candidates should have taken at least one course regarding the internship region. The course can be taken in the quarter prior to the internship. 

  • Interns must commit to full-time work (a minimum of 35 hours per week) for at least 8 weeks. 

  • To be eligible for a stipend, students must maintain health insurance for the duration of their internship.

  • Violations of Global Studies Internship Program policies are also violations of the Fundamental Standard and may be referred to the Office of Community Standards. The Global Studies Internship Program reserves the right to rescind funding at any given point and time should they be apprised of any policy violations as outlined above.

For more internship positions provided by the Stanford Global Studies Internship Program, please see our internship listing

Further inquiries shall be emailed to globalinternships [at] stanford.edu with cc to southasiainfo [at] stanford.edu

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