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Graduating seniors reflect on global studies internship experience

Angelina Hue, '20

Global Studies Internship Program

With the 2019-20 academic year drawing to a close, graduating seniors reflect on their experiences with the Global Studies Internship Program. In spite of their final quarter’s unusual circumstances, our former interns discuss their post-graduation plans with an inspiring sense of optimism, sharing how the memories and lessons learned from their summer ventures have helped guide their future academic and career trajectories.

English language and literature major Angelina Hue (left) highlights the importance of the internship program in preparing students for the job market in discussing her freshman year internship with GoPro in Shanghai, China. She recalls how her experience with GoPro’s business and legal team provided “great insight into a potential career in law and also resources who might be helpful along the way.” Hue, who has since worked as a peer advisor and student creative assistant with the Global Studies Internship Program, is looking forward to entering the professional workforce as the COVID-19 situation improves.

Harry Cole

Harry Cole (left), an art practice major and former intern at the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, explains how the program helped him “understand the value of liberal-arts education at Stanford in professional contexts” by providing valuable insight into the “global issues within and beyond his personal field of study.” Collaborating with artists, curators, and professional designers on a wide range of projects—including a redesign of the museum’s map—allowed him to explore the artistic concepts of scale and translation between the physical and digital mediums. Cole specifically recalls how these acquired skills have helped him prepare for an “increasingly digital art world.” In the coming year, he plans to further his education in design and printmaking at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA.

Laura Alejandra Mediorreal, who worked with both Edurio and TechHub Riga in Latvia, emphasizes the important role of international travel in shaping her worldview. “The program introduces you to not only a different way of life, but also to mentors and people on the other side of the world that have the power to change your mind about the world or even your career,” she explains. Through her job as an international business development intern, she discovered a love for technology, data, and startup companies. Leaving Stanford as a science, technology and society major, Mediorreal looks back fondly on her time abroad: “it was the greatest time, and I was able to grow and learn so much.”

Julian Samuels

Sociology major Julian Samuels (pictured on the far left of the photo to the right) highlights the benefits of working in a collaborative office setting through his internship with Asian Charity Services (ACS) in Hong Kong. Conducting research alongside coworkers both in the office and out “in the field” pushed him to develop important skills for the professional environment such as time management, communication, teamwork, and adaptability. Additionally, he recalls how he was able to apply skills from his sociology studies to “accurately identify trends and discuss their significance and generalizability.” Returning from a summer of working with donors and organizations in Hong Kong’s NGO sector, Samuels expressed strong enthusiasm for the program, stating that the “Global Studies Internship Program is an incredible opportunity for students to have meaningful work experiences abroad.” Inspired by his experiences with ACS, he hopes to continue exploring academic and career opportunities abroad in the future.

Eve La Puma

For Eve La Puma (left), her internship at the Gaiety School of Acting (GSA) in Dublin, Ireland was a “fantastic first step into the professional theatrical world.” As a theater and performance studies (TAPS) major, she was able to apply the skills learned from her background in theatrical analysis to a multitude of dramaturgical projects, including a successful educational packet on Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Despite any communication barriers, La Puma describes how TAPS provided a “common language” amongst herself and her coworkers. Through organization-wide events such as the All the Difference music festival, she made lifelong memories and forged invaluable bonds with the GSA staff. “I left GSA feeling incredibly proud and honored to have worked with such a wonderful organization,” she said. “That summer, I journaled every night because I knew I wouldn’t want to forget any of it.” Following graduation, she is looking forward to pursuing professional arts practice thanks to the confidence gained from her experience with the GSA.

Echoing the sentiments of our graduating former interns, the Global Studies Internship Program is incredibly grateful for the chance to work with an extensive network of host organizations and continue providing these opportunities to our community of students. We wish all of our graduates the best of luck in their future pursuits, and we are confident in their capabilities as they continue their journeys in the professional sphere.