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Health and Safety

Your safety is our priority. Below, we've compiled resources for your health and safety during the course of your internship.


Please check out Stanford's International Travel Assistance Program for Medical, Personal, Travel and Security Assistance Services:

Find out contact information of your travel assistance services:

On Call International - For students in Cardinal Care

  • Toll-free from the US or Canada: +1-800-407-7307
  • Call collect from anywhere in the world: +1-603-898-9159

International SOS (ISOS) - For students not covered by On Call


Visit the Vaden health portal, or contact the Vaden Health Center:

  • Medical Services & Pharmacy: (650) 498-2336
  • Counseling and Psychological Services: (650) 723-3785
  • Insurance: (650) 723-2135
  • Health Promotion Services (iThrive): (650) 723-0821
  • MORE Physical Therapy: (650) 723-3195
  • Administration: (650) 725-1364

Download these health and safety tips: