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Taiwan Institute of Economic Research

Submissions open: 
Friday, November 6, 2020
Application deadline: 
Tuesday, February 2, 2021 - 23:59


Organization Profile:

  • TIER was Established in 1976 by Dr. Chen-Fu Koo with Dr. Sho-Chieh Tsiang (Nobel Economic Prize Nominee) being the first President
  • The first private independent think tank in Taiwan
  • TIER has around 500 full-time staff with 33.5 million USD revenue in 2019.
  • The current President of TIER is Dr. Chang, Chien-Yi
  • Ranked 2nd  in Taiwan and 19th  overall in Top Think Tanks in Southeast Asia and the Pacific (Source: TTCSP 2018)
  • The mission of TIER is to conduct economic, industrial and innovation policy research, and make policy recommendations to Taiwan Government.

City:  Taipei City

Internship format:  Virtual/remote  OR  in-person (This option is pending university policy.)

Internship Department:  

The Department is led by Dr. Xinwu Lin. It has around 20 FTE researchers

The main research focus of DivIII are:

  • National and regional Innovation Systems and Competitiveness
  • Policy design and evaluation
  • National Digital Transformation Strategy and Policy
  • Innovation Indicators
  • Innovation Policy and National IP policy Studies
  • Taiwan Start-up Ecosystem and Policy
  • Social Enterprise policy

Work description:

Building and Analyzing the latest Case Studies for Startups or Relevant Stakeholders in Startup Ecosystem in the Silicon Valley   

  • The scope of case studies includes but not limited to latest development, business model, operation model, new dynamics etc.  
  • An example would be analyzing the latest startups in Y Combinator
  • TIER colleagues can provide sources/ list of relevant candidates for case studying, while the intern can also choose his/her own.
  • TIER colleagues will continue to discuss with the intern to provide necessary guidance and know-how of the project
  • Verify and refine results with the help of TIER colleagues

Research on the latest Entrepreneurship and Startup Policy Development in US

  • The scope of the research includes but not limited to agencies behind the policy, the incentive mechanism behind or the evaluation of the results etc.
  • An example would be studying the Startup Policy related to Stanford University or the Silicon Valley
  • TIER colleagues will continue to discuss with the intern to provide necessary guidance and know-how of the project
  • Verify and refine results with the help of TIER colleagues

Number of Opening(s):        1 Spring or 1 Summer

Work Hours and Internship Start/End Dates: Five days a week, April 12 to June 4, 2021 or June 21 – August 13, 2021. 

Local Language:  Chinese. Local language is not required but preferred.


Taiwan (ROC)
United States of America (Stanford off-campus)
City or Cities: 
Taipei City
  • Internship duration must be at least 8 weeks full-time (35+ hours/week) in a non-academic quarter (Flex Term).
  • Students must have been enrolled in classes for two quarters before they are eligible to participate in full-time Stanford-funded opportunities during a Flex Term. Therefore, these types of opportunities will only be available in Spring and Summer Quarter.
  • Students must have completed two full-time enrolled quarters this academic year by the time their internship opportunity begins, but these quarters do not have to be consecutive.
  • Students can only participate in the program by taking a Flex Term during the internship experience.
  • Students are not eligible to participate in the Program while on a Leave of Absence (Please review this video for an explanation of a Flex Term vs. a Leave of Absence and consult this page for a planning tool for your Term Options).
  • International students must consult with Bechtel before attempting to take a Flex Term without previous three quarters of full-time enrollment.
  • A student may not be funded for more than one full time project in the 2020-21 academic year.
  • This position is open to freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and coterms who are undergraduates in all majors, including undeclared. Coterm students must still have undergraduate status. Graduate students in the Center for East Asian Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultures are also eligible to apply, but only for the summer quarter. 
  • Participants must be current Stanford students during the internship period. Seniors must postpone graduation paperwork until the internship ends, but may participate in commencement. For summer graduation requirements, including details regarding enrollment requirements and information about participation in the June commencement ceremonies, students should contact their major department's student services office and Registrar's Office for graduation quarter petition.
  • Preferably, before beginning their internships, selected candidates should have taken at least one course regarding the internship region. The course can be taken in the quarter prior to the internship. 

For more internship positions provided by the Stanford Global Studies Internship Program, please see our internship listing

Each applicant can apply for a maximum of two program-arranged positions. If you apply more than two positions, we will only accept the first two applications based on the time of your submission. 

For more information, please see Eligibility and Stipend.

Time of Year: 
Spring, Summer
Open To: 


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