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Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.

Submissions open: 
Thursday, November 21, 2019
Application deadline: 
Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 23:59

Host Organization:   Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc.


Organization Profile:

Kozo Keikaku Engineering (KKE) introduced the use of computers to evaluate the structural integrity of buildings for the first time in Japan in 1961.  The company started as a structural design office with less than 10 members but steadily grew its business by utilizing computer science knowledge and engineering technology to expand its customer base.

Today, KKE is an engineering consulting firm with more than 500 members from a wide variety of professional and academic backgrounds, including Architecture, Mathematics, Agriculture and Arts & Humanities. 

Our commitment is to harness the power of engineering and implement practical solutions to the challenges faced by societies all over the world.

Current Endeavors:

  • Structural Engineering

     (Construction/Civil Engineering/Manufacturing/ Design)

  • Nature and Environment

    (Disaster Prevention and Planning/Improvements to Environmental and Social Infrastructure designs)

  • Society and Community

     (Transportation & Logistics/Energy and Financial Services)

Competitive Edge:

  • Research collaborations with prestigious universities and research institutions.
  • Optimal solutions/service with high added-value based on the sound application of academic theory and proven empirical knowledge.
  • Serving diverse companies and administrative offices by maintaining status as an independent and non-affiliated company.

City:      Tokyo, Japan

Internship Department:     1. SBD Solution Department

                                             2. Radio Technology Department

                                             3. Decision Making Support Field Department

                                             4. Construction / Disaster Preparedness Field Department

Department Profile:  

  • SBD Solution Department

A continuous effort is being made to develop advanced CAE software that not only reduces the costly and time-consuming developmental work and improves the quality of the products, but also allow engineers to be more creative.

SBD offers CAE products for structure/thermal/electromagnetic analysis, design optimization/automation, particle simulation, etc. in order to assist the engineers to produce designs with higher quality and more cost-effective. Besides, in order to support our customers, SBD provides technical support and consulting services.

  • Radio Technology Department

A department specialized in wireless technology. We solve various customers’ problems using simulation technology. Our mission is to clarify and solve problems by using and developing simulation software to analyze radio waves.

  • Decision Making Support Field Department

A department in Decision Making Support Field provides solutions for corporate management and business people with leading-edge information technologies such as simulation, data analysis and so on.  Our target client customers are unbounded, however, present major client customers comprise of public office, automobile company, Beverage Company, theme park industry, Logistics Company and Infrastructure Company.

  • Construction / Disaster Preparedness Field Department

We achieved successful results in structural design of super high rise and special buildings, using our base isolation/vibration control/quake-proofing technologies. Currently, we support the development of effective disaster measures through simulation of damages that could be brought about by natural disasters such as an earthquake or flood, estimation of damages to buildings and equipment, estimation of impact on business, and pragmatic and quantitative evaluation of evacuation conditions.

Work Description:

     @@ SBD Solution Department

Students will be assigned to work on the products below.

  • iGRAF – Powder and multiphase flow simulator

Student will experience the powder simulation software, in which the demand is growing in the manufacturing industry in Japan. The software is developed by our company so there will be chances for students to join the development team or work on consulting projects.

  • Particleworks – Fluid analysis by using particle simulation method

Student will be assigned to work on virtual projects based on actual customer issues and get to learn how simulations are utilized in manufacturing industry and how we propose our ideas to the customers.

  • Hiramekiworks – Topology and shape optimization software

Student will experience structural analysis work by using the software to carry out topology and shape optimization for some designs. Skills can be acquired by the practical experiences on how 3D CAD/CAE and latest optimization software are being utilized in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

  • Tacton Design Automation - An add-in software for 3D CAD which enables designers to automatically generate customized 3D CAD models and 2D drawings

Students could experience the 3D model customization in Tacton based on the idea of configuration. This internship program is suitable for students who are interested in customization of 3D CAD and CPQ.

    @@ Radio Technology Department

We will carry out the following problem solving procedure:

a. Visit the customer to hear their problem.

b. Organize the problem and construct a hypothesis on the solution method.

c. Verify the hypothesis by simulation.

d. Repeat 2 and 3 if necessary until a satisfactory solution is reached.

e. Create a report.

f. Report it to customers.

In the internship, you will mainly be responsible for b, c, d, and e.

For example:

  • Cellular coverage analysis using ray tracing simulator
  • Antenna analysis using FDTD (Finite Difference Time Domain) electromagnetic simulator
  • Positioning error analysis using GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) simulator

  @@ Decision Making Support Field Department

Interns will actively participate as a fully-functioning member of one or more study groups working on the following types of practical engineering projects:

  • Mobile traffic optimization using agent-based simulations
  • Evacuation simulation for disaster preparedness using agent-based simulations
  • Data analysis for marketing strategy utilizing R statistical programming language
  • Data analysis for abnormality detection utilizing R statistical programming language
  • Risk analysis for an actual client company using Oracle’s Crystal Ball application suite for forecasting and simulation work
  • Operations research approach for real-world problems
  • Development of our operations research software

  @@ Construction / Disaster Preparedness Field Department

Students will be assigned to a project below.

  • Practical experience of structural design

You will work on part of the structural design flow using actual structural design and analytical models.

  • Development of housing design system

You will work on the development of housing design system by using programing language such as C++, C# and Java.

  • Engineering consulting experience using CAD/ BIM

You will experience the series of flow of building development, elevator and steel staircase design system utilizing BIM software, mainly ArchiCAD (also utilizing Revit according to circumstances).

  • Disaster Reduction & Environmental Engineering

To build a safe and sustainable society, it is essential to analyze the structures and environment that surrounds us and estimate unforeseen risks. Based on earthquake engineering and fluid dynamics, you will visualize and quantify natural disaster risks.

Number of Opening(s):         2

Work Hours and Internship Start/End Dates: (Monday to Friday, June

22 –August 14, 2020):    Five days a week  (09:00AM-06PM)

Work Attire:  Office Casuals

Local Language:    Japanese

Local Language Level Needed: Not required

Additional desired intern qualifications:

     @@ SBD Solution Department

Students who have backgrounds related to Mechanical Engineering and/or Physics.

     @@ Radio Technology Department

Students who have understanding related to

  • wireless technology
  • electromagnetic fields theory or
  • satellite positioning calculations or
  • programing skills for developing simulation software

and a willingness to improve the world by using technology.

      @@ Decision Making Support Field Department

Students who have backgrounds related to Engineering discipline or Math/Computer Science. Basic programming skills such as Java Python, C++ are desirable.

     @@ Construction / Disaster Preparedness Field Department

Students who have backgrounds related to

  • Civil, Construction Engineering
  • Structural design / calculation (mechanics)
  • Programing language skills such as C++, C# and Java
  • BIM software experience
City or Cities: 
  • Applicants must be currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and coterms who are undergraduates in all majors, including undeclared. Coterm students must still have undergraduate status. MA students in the Center for East Asian Studies are also eligible to apply.
  • Applicants must be current Stanford students during the internship period. Seniors must postpone graduation paperwork until the internship ends, but may participate in commencement. For summer graduation requirements, including details regarding enrollment requirements and information about participation in the June commencement ceremonies, students should contact their major department's student services office and Registrar's Office for graduation quarter petition.
  • Preferably, before beginning their internships, selected candidates should have taken at least one course regarding the internship region. The course can be taken in the spring quarter. 

For more internship positions provided by the Stanford Global Studies Internship Program, please see our internship listing

Each applicant can apply for a maximum of two program-arranged positions. If you apply more than two positions, we will only accept the first two applications based on the time of your submission. 

For more information, please see Eligibility and Stipend.

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