Sydney, Australia

Jeanette Chen

Art Gallery of New South Wales

My name is Jeanette Chen, and I'm in the class of '23 studying mechanical engineering with a concentration in product realization. This past summer, I've been fortunate enough to live in Sydney, Australia, working with the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

You'll see in the photo of me in the gallery space on my first day that it's such a lovely gallery and is currently undergoing a huge expansion! During work, I've been able to model artworks supports, design chairs, umbrella trolleys, and new barricades for the front of the gallery. I've also been able to visit art storage facilities, the new construction site, and joinery/welding workshops of the talented craftsmen that make the models a reality.

Outside of work, I've been able to feed kangaroos, pet a koala, eat Tim tams, explore the Sydney food scene, visit Luna Park, and this last weekend me and another intern are visiting the Great Barrier Reef. As a first-gen and low income student, these are all first times for me, and its truly remarkable that I am able to experience all of this.