Paris, France

Isabel Benak

Gagosian Gallery

This summer I worked at the Gagosian Gallery in Paris. Not only was it amazing to live and work in Paris and practice my French, but I was also able to work for one of the top art galleries in the world! I learned so much about the art world, about Gagosian, and about Paris during my internship. I was immersed in art and culture and truly had the summer of a lifetime. At the end of my internship, the gallery gifted me a Helen Frankenthaler catalogue that I will always cherish and look upon fondly.

I graduated shortly after completing my internship this summer, and this experience has been instrumental in kickstarting my career post-Stanford. I am currently pursuing a career in the art world, and I am immensely grateful for the experience, connections, and opportunities participating in this internship has provided me.