Tallinn, Estonia

Graham Shunk

AI & Robotics Estonia

I want to express my gratitude to the fullest extent to you for making the experience I had this summer possible. It was one of the most enriching three months of my life. All of a sudden, I was dropped into a foreign country, on my own, and not only had to live like an adult, but I had to adapt to the way of life there. This adaptation helped me grow in many ways.

During the internship, I learned how to network effectively as the networking manager, and got to talk with many interesting people, improving my communication skills as well. The internship itself was not the only valuable thing about this experience - the people, the weekend excursions, and practicing a foreign language all contributed to my uninterrupted sense of joy this summer. Once again, I want to thank you for making my dream come true, and I hope that other students will be able to uncover certain experiences such as I did.