Faculty Inquiry Meetup: Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations

Faculty Inquiry Meetup: Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations
Fri January 22nd 2021, 4:00 - 5:00pm
Event Sponsor
Global Educators Network
Zoom - Registration Required
Speaker: Marina Broeder

Inquiry Question: How Can Cross-Disciplinary Collaborations Help Develop Student Global Competencies?

Description: This event is a facilitated open dialogue that dives into our inquiry question. Share your ideas and experience, while learning from your peers. There is no required reading for this event and all are invited to participate free of charge.

Ideas to consider:

  • How do we as globally-minded educators foster a sense of curiosity and appreciation for various perspectives, cultures, and ways of life in our students?
  • How do we create spaces for students to build connections with their peers from diverse cultural backgrounds within our disciplines and through cross-disciplinary collaborations?

Faculty participants are encouraged to share examples of collaborations and resources.